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Welcome to Politics In The Field

Where our trips are designed and aimed to provide the most in-depth and comprehensive understanding of political, social and economic dynamics of given country and region.


The objectives of Politics In The Field is;

To provide participants to understand the socio-political and economic structures of the country, as well as provide them with the opportunity to gain information on the latest developments in the country through our daily meetings and conversations with the countries leaders.

To create an opportunity for transnational experiences by bringing together people from different backgrounds who are interested in politics of a given country.

To provide participants a platform where they may be able to bring back their newly ascertained knowledge from the various discussions with the political, economic, and academic leaders during the program to their host countries.

To provide participants with opportunities to expand their network and build new friendships, through the programs round table meetings, social activities, seminars, interactions with political figures and academic discussions.


We look forward to seeing you in our trips and to have you as a contributing member of Politics in the Field.

Politics in the Field